Popping back in from time to time

The credit crunch and weakness of the Pound have made the Swiss project a remote prospect. As this cannot be a full-time occupation for now and we are short of management resources for our other investments (in the UK), I have volunteered to run one of our other businesses (supplying wood pellets for heating) - based in Britain and as dependent as ever on policy, politics and public opinion. Hence I am confronted by as much idiocy as ever, and am more irritable than ever as a result. So I am back to posting, though I cannot say how often, to let off steam and as a cathartic exercise.

I notice that I am particularly provoked by throw-away sentences. Many of my posts will be attacks on these sentences. Very often, those attacks will be unfair, in the sense that the author of the irritating words probably did not give much thought to them, and they were not a fundamental part of the author's narrative. Very often, indeed, they will be from people who commonly speak a lot of sense. The words may well have been surrounded by a lot of sense. And indeed, the sentence may even convey a valid sentiment, badly argued.

It may be, reading my nit-picking, that people think that I am critical of everyone, a clear trait of the irredeemably arrogant. That's probably a fair assessment of me, but I would claim in mitigation that I respect the views of many of those who I criticise, and agree with many more of their pronouncements than the few with which I find fault. I am just not usually provoked to write about things with which I agree.

I will also be open to the accusation that the focus of these random targets is purely negative and a sign of an unconstructive mind. But I hope there is a consistent philosophy behind the analysis, and that the posts will help not only to explain why the alternative philosophies preferred by most people nowadays are wrong, but by a process of falsification, show that only the classical-liberal (or nanarchist) philosophy is consistent with logic and experience.