BA - The Final Solution

Just a thought: has it reached the point where the best thing that could be done with BA is to break it up and close it down? Is it worth less as a going entity than the sum of its parts? Is it effectively a bed-blocker to making better use of the landing slots at Heathrow and elsewhere?

If they broke it up, sold off the landing rights and any other assets of value, they could use the proceeds to fill as much as possible of their pension black hole, and prevent that black hole from getting worse by closing down the company and making all the expensive future beneficiaries redundant, freezing their entitlement. Given the attitude of their staff, isn't trying to keep it alive just pouring good money after bad?

A return to asset-stripping? It wouldn't be popular in the current climate, but isn't it the logical outcome of 15 years of malinvestment?