Classic Bloomberg headline

 Bloomberg headline 

This is presumably one in a series. Look also for:

  • Gideon Gono freed from caps on money issuance
  • European Union freed from caps on economically-suicidal legislation
  • Lloyds Bank freed from caps on market-dominance
  • Energy suppliers freed from caps on price-gouging

Have Bloomberg (and the financial sector generally) maybe slightly misunderstood the concept of freedom? I'm not sure that it is best used in the sense of "making free with other people's money".



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Mark, Sorry, I didn't spot this in the approval queue for a few days. But the advantage is that, having got to your site late, your latest post includes a picture of my hero, Ludwig von Mises. Obviously a great site.

Have a look at the Cobden Centre too. They are trying to revive Austrian (i.e. real) economics in the UK, where it is far closer to extinction than in your country. There is a slight whiff of Fisherism at the moment, but Austrians do need to try to be more inclusive (like the excellent Roger Koppl) than they have often been, if they want people to pay more attention to their philosophy.